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Case Successes

  • $10 Million in real estate, family owned via various corporate entities; intra-family and intra-company disputes; Litigation, agreement for division of assets with major tax deferment under 1031 Exchange.

  • Multi-million Real Estate and Restaurant Transaction - non-performance of contract to purchase; Litigation for specific performance - Awarded purchase of assets and reimbursement of attorney’s fees and costs to client.

  • Multi-year litigation re neighbor shared driveway easement dispute; Litigation attempting to stop client’s construction of new house; Result – house built, court decision clarifying easement.

  • Condemnation by city of client’s multi-million dollar commercial property; city delays payment to client; we counter with inverse condemnation, settle matter for $700,000.00 more than originally offered by city.

  • Defended residential foreclosure pro bono for long term client in health and financial straits; Litigated for over five years; foreclosure dismissed, bank paid our client’s legal fees.

  • Currently representing minority shareholders in closely held entities valued at over $60 Million seeking dissolution of entities; damages for oppression and breach of fiduciary duty.

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