At the Law Offices of Peter V. Lathouris, LLC, we have over three decades of experience representing plaintiffs as well as defendants in real estate litigation, and we have handled a range of real estate transactions including residential real estate transactions, commercial real estate transactions, landlord-tenant transactions, and land use and zoning transactions. We represent individuals, businesses, investors, developers, and financial institutions in Stamford and throughout Fairfield County.

Although real estate disputes must be based on specific legal theories, the facts necessary to prove the legal theories are unique to each case. In addition, damages in real estate disputes can range from monetary awards to requests for injunctive or declaratory relief, which are requests that a court issue an order declaring a party's rights or preventing a party from engaging in certain actions.

Whatever the case may be, we provide our clients with the competent trial representation that they deserve. Through our client-centered approach, we take time to investigate the relevant facts and present them articulately to best support our client's case.

Aggressive Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Throughout our years of practicing law in Stamford and greater Fairfield County, we have litigated every major type of real estate dispute including, but not limited to, cases involving:

  • Real estate developments and investments

  • Construction projects

  • Securitization deals involving real estate collateral

  • Real estate contractual disputes (including land use, purchase, and sales)

  • Claims of fraudulent conveyance

  • Adverse possession

  • Landlord-tenant disputes

  • Commercial and residential disputes

  • Land use disputes

  • Liens

  • Nuisances

  • Defective construction

  • Title insurance

  • Claims against a realtor (agents and brokers)

  • Foreclosures

At the Law Offices of Peter V. Lathouris, LLC, we combine our knowledge of real estate transactions with our legal experience to fight for our clients at all stages of real estate litigation, including trials and appeals.

In addition to skilled trial services, our law office represents clients in alternative dispute resolution venues. We have experience resolving disputes through negotiating and mediating, which helps our clients avoid wasting precious time and resources at trial.

If you have questions about real estate litigation, contact our office for a free 30-minute consultation. We represent clients in Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport, Danbury, Darien, and throughout Fairfield County. Call today.