There is a reason why the State of Connecticut requires the involvement of a qualified real estate lawyer in any residential home sale – few transactions are more complicated. Whether you want to sell your personal house or an investment property, the process of selling any residence is intricate and filled with possible pitfalls. Offers that seem legitimate sometimes wither, potential buyers can pull their bid at the last minute, and closings occasionally go horribly awry.

For a financial matter of this magnitude, you want a skilled real estate law attorney who can protect your interests. With more than three decades of serving Connecticut home buyers and sellers, the Law Offices of Peter V. Lathouris, LLC are prepared to help you save time and money and prevent disputes that often arise when homeowners do not secure experienced legal representation. While a real estate agent can be helpful, their goal is the sale of your property and the commission attached to it. When you enlist the help of our dedicated legal team, you get an accomplished contract drafting and review lawyer whose mission is to protect you and your financial future.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

While housing industry experts say hiring a real estate lawyer is important for any sale, an attorney's services are especially valuable if:

  • The property you intend to sell is in some state of disrepair or there are significant environmental issues.

  • You are selling a property that belonged to a homeowner who has died, in accordance with their last will and testament.

  • There is a lien or judgment on the property.

  • Your instinct tells you something may go wrong with the transaction, based on your knowledge of the property.

Once your realtor has established the sale price and terms of your sales agreement for your home, one of our skilled attorneys will thoroughly examine the contract for potential areas of conflict, and recommend and institute any changes that may be necessary. Once the title search and home inspection are successfully completed, your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf regarding all requested repairs or changes to the terms of the contract. Your attorney will also represent you at the closing alongside your real estate agent and address any issues that arise late in the process.

Contact a Fairfield County Home Sale Lawyer

For most people, homes are the most valuable assets they will ever own, and their sales are the largest financial transactions they will ever be part of. To maximize your profit and investment, it is essential to entrust the finalization of your home sale to an adept real estate and business attorney from the Law Offices of Peter V. Lathouris, LLC. You can rely on our 30+ years of helping Connecticut clients buy and sell homes throughout the region. To learn more about how our New Haven County real estate attorneys can help you, contact us for a free initial 30-minute consultation.