Experienced Attorney Defending Homeowners in Fairfield County

Large banks continue to pay billions of dollars to settle federal and state charges of predatory lending practices that led to the housing crash. Yet, homeowners who were victims of these unfortunate practices have yet to see significant relief. Indeed, the same institutions that are responsible for causing the crisis are now aggressively removing responsible homeowners from their homes, and in some cases, breaking the law while doing so.

Fortunately, experienced foreclosure defense attorneys can help homeowners defend their homes against aggressive lenders and their foreclosure attorneys.

Know Your Rights

The best defense against a predatory institution is to know your rights. Banks count on homeowners not knowing their rights. However, both state and federal law provide homeowners specific protections against foreclosing lending institutions. Understanding these protections can help to, at the very least, delay losing your home. An experienced Stamford foreclosure defense attorney can help explain these protections.

Fight for Your Home

A common myth banks use is that once you fall behind with your mortgage payments, foreclosure is inevitable. The truth is that even homeowners who fall behind often have options and may be able to keep their homes and modify the terms of their mortgage.

Hire an Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Foreclosure disputes are complicated, and they cross over several areas of law. Lending institutions have attorneys on their side who count on unrepresented homeowners with no experience in the legal and procedural rules governing foreclosures.

At the Law Offices of Peter V. Lathouris, LLC, we have experience taking on lending institutions and their attorneys. We leverage procedural and legal strategies to mount an aggressive defense designed to, at the very least, keep you in your home for as long as possible. The attorneys who work for the banks are overworked and often have little experience. We take the time necessary to make sure you get the representation you deserve. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation.

We represent clients in Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport, Danbury, Darien, and throughout Fairfield County. If you are facing a foreclosure, each day counts. Do not delay; call now.