Real Estate Dispute

A family owned real estate via various corporate entities. We helped resolve intra-family and intra-company disputes through litigation, and we reached an agreement for the division of assets with major tax deferment under a 1031 Exchange.

Agreement worth $10 million

Shared Driveway Easement Dispute

This transaction involved non-performance of a contract to purchase. We pursued litigation for specific performance, and our client was awarded purchase of assets and reimbursement of attorney’s fees and costs.

Client’s house was built

Commercial Property Condemnation

This case involved a condemnation by the city of a multi-million dollar commercial property. After the city delayed payment to our client, we countered with inverse condemnation.

Case settled for $700,000 more than the city originally offered

Residential Foreclosure Defense

We handled this case pro bono for a long term client who was in dire health and financial straits. The litigation lasted for over five years, and at the end of the case, the foreclosure was dismissed, and the bank paid our client’s legal fees.

The foreclosure was dismissed

Dissolution of Entities

We are currently representing minority shareholders a case involving closely held entities who are seeking dissolution of entities. We are seeking damages for oppression and breach of fiduciary duty.

Seeking damages valued at over $60 million