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What You Need to Know About Tortious Interference

Law Offices of Peter V Lathouris LLC Oct. 11, 2023

Healthy competition among businesses is permitted in Connecticut. Generally, this has show to help motivate businesses and drive them towards achieving their goals. At the same time, individuals and businesses must respect existing formal agreements, business, or contractual relationships between one company and the other. If a third party unfairly disrupts or interferes with the contractual or business relations you have with another party or entity, you’re within your rights to recover damages through a tortious interference claim. 

At the Law Offices of Peter V Lathouris LLC, we gladly provide comprehensive guidance and strong representation to clients in their tortious interference lawsuits. Our seasoned Connecticut business litigation attorneys can examine your case details and explore your options to seek relief. Also, our legal team will advocate for your business interests and help you recover available damages for the economic harm suffered. We’re proud to serve clients across Stamford, Fairfield County, and New Haven County, Connecticut. 

Understanding Tortious Interference

Tortious interference is a common law tort that allows a business to bring legal action against a competitor – another individual or business – that wrongfully disrupts or interferes with an existing contract or business relationship and thereby, causes economic harm. 

For instance, one of your competitors convinces a client to withdraw a business offer or terminate a transaction already at the closing stages. Another example of tortious interference is when a competitor entices another business to terminate their existing relationship with your organization. 

Through a tortious interference action, you may be eligible to seek relief for any economic damages or harm sustained as a result of the unfair or wrongful conduct. An experienced attorney can tell you about the types of tortious interference and guide you through the claims process. 

Types of Tortious Interference

The different types of tortious interference in the state of Connecticut include: 

Tortious Interference with Existing Contractual Relations 

Tortious interference with existing contractual relations occurs when a non-contracting party improperly interferes with an existing agreement with another party or entity. To establish interference with existing contractual relations claims, you must prove that the non-contracting party knew about the business relationship between you and the other party or business, they unjustly interfered with it, and you suffered economic damages or actual losses.  

Tortious Interference With Prospective Economic Advantage

Tortious interference with prospective economic advantage occurs when a third party negligently or wrongfully interferes with a potential business relationship or business transaction, causing economic harm to your business interests. 

Essentially, this type of negligence usually occurs when the third party fails to act with due care in order to avoid harming your economic interests or business relationships. To prove tortious interference with prospective economic advantage claims, you must show that the defendant interfered intentionally and improperly, their conduct caused a breach of contract, and you suffered economic harm. 

Proving Tortious Interference

To prove a tortious interference claim in Connecticut, the claimant must show the following elements: 

  • There was a valid contract – formal, written, verbal, or informal agreement – between the plaintiff and the other party or business. 

  • The third party (defendant) knew that a contract existed – when the alleged interference occurred. 

  • The defendant intentionally interfered with your business relationship. 

  • The interference was wrongful or improper. 

  • The defendant had the intent to disrupt your business relationship or the performance of the contract or agreement. 

  • You, your business interest, or your business relationship suffered economic harm or actual losses as a result of the interference. 

If another party has interfered with your business relationship unfairly, you need to reach out to an experienced business litigation attorney right away. Your legal counsel can investigate every aspect of your claim, seek to establish tortious interference, and help pursue your rightful relief. 

Rely on Trusted Legal Counsel

Discovering that another party has interfered with your business relationship can be hard to take. After going through the hard work to build solid business relationships, the last thing you want is for someone else to disrupt it improperly or steal your opportunities. If you believe that another person or business has unlawfully interfered with your business or contractual relationship, you need to retain a highly-skilled business law attorney immediately for detailed guidance and to help protect your interests. 

At the Law Offices of Peter V Lathouris LLC, we have the diligence and expertise to guide and represent clients in their tortious interference cases. As your legal team, we can examine every aspect of your case and gather substantial evidence to establish tortious interference. In addition, we will represent you diligently in court, seek to hold the negligent party accountable, and help you pursue damages to cover any economic losses or harm suffered due to their improper conduct. 

Contact us at the Law Offices of Peter V Lathouris LLC today to schedule a simple case assessment with trusted commercial law attorneys. Our dependable legal team can offer you the vigorous representation and dedicated legal counsel you need in your tortious interference claims. We’re proud to serve clients across Stamford, Fairfield County, and New Haven County, including Darien, Norwalk, Greenwich, Danbury, and Westport, Connecticut.